On March 4th we opened our new store!

Bandisca´s Speed Shop is a crazy space where you can find a lot of accesories, gear, clothes, artworks and other super fine shit for vintage riders, petrolheads and custom people.

We focused our shop on new young handcrafters so don´t expect to find big brands there, we sustain the high quality handcrafted work and the stuff you can find at the store is carefully selected. Hadcrafted helmets, custom clothing, handcrafted leather accesories, handmade parts, and also artworks and handcrafted pieces of decoration, are some of the stuff you can find at the store.

But that´s not all…. Bandisca´s Speed Shop offers you also an space for reading, take a cofee or a Jameson Whiskey, socialize, or talk with us about motorcycles, cofee and whiskey are for free at the store!

Also at the store we will organize social events as film evenings, presentations, workshops and not only, follow our program on social media and you will discover a whole custom world!!!