Some weeks ago we have the pleasure to meet Stefan Leonte and Mihai George from the online magazine for making a review of our Saudade.

That momment was also the right one for revealing the bike to its owners Luisa and Tibi, and was a crazy amazing experience!

I always considered that press reviews are so boring and I didn’t like them, so serious and boring for my sprit… but this time I’ve changed my impression, Stefan and Mihai make me feel so good and we have an amazing time with the interviews and the film realase, so in this case was a priceless time making that, thanks guys, you rock!!

So we talk about bikes, we revealed the Saudade, we see the priceless faces of Luisa and Tibi when saw the bike, and of course we had a crazy momment testing the iron while we was seeing Mihai trying to don’t fall while filming standing over the offroader bin, hahaha!!

Let’s see what happened!!


Photo credit: Tiberiu Militaru