Three years since when we start to build our first project “Bastarda”.

After all that time the bike has been with us as “flag” of Bandisca, we love it although it’s a basic build that have a lot wrong things on it… or better said, a lot of details that nowadays we would solve otherwise, in any case we decided to keep it as is, the bike has not received any new intervention, just normal servicing, and it continues to run smooth, fast and fine, and that’s the main reason why we love it so much.

Everytime I ride this bike it makes me feel like a kid, it’s light, it’s fast, it sounds as hell and its rat look still catch the attention of everybody although is a very well known iron in this city.

Patina that it has got along time contributes to give it a really special feeling, every point of rust is a very important part of the concept.

This year we decided to give it an oportunity to race and we will go to Athens for riding it at The Rotten Race!! yes we are not crazy, we know it’s a speed machine that seems not be the proper bike for a flat track race, but that’s the essence, to flat track race an speed machine that is bastard enough to get also dirty!!