If you find that exist some people that under -14º think about riding motorcycles probably you will say they are so crazy… Well we also travel around 2000 kms for doing that, so probably you will think we are completly insane!!

After some days getting our old piece of rust Bastarda ready for racing on the ice, we left Bucharest on our van on Monday January 16th with destination Riva Valdobbia, somewhere over the Italian Alps… there was the location for the second edition of Snow Quake, a motorcycle race on ice organized by our dear friends of Sideburn Magazine UK and Deus Ex Machina Italy, the Ice Rosa Ring was waiting for over 50 racers on January 19th for a fun race day on spiked irons.

We got Bastarda ready with a new setup with a tracker handlebar and spiked tyres, you know when is word of racing we like to do that with our iconic Suzuki GSX400, a basic piece of rust that was our first custom bike four years ago and which became an icon of our shop, this bike is not the best for racing but never let us out and on the other hand I love riding it, never mind that it´s basic, rusty and full of tricks.

We arrived at Riva Valdobbia a day before the event to have time enough for take a rest and prepare everything for the race, at night we go to the Ice Rosa Ring to see the track, a very impressive ice track…. for me something new, it was my first time racing on ice… after that a funny dinner with a lot of participants.

In the morning of the race day we arrived early, people downloading bikes from their vans… -15º and I forgot to take the bike battery out and keep it at the hotel room so with the cold the battery wad dead… let´s push the bike… hahaha!! for sure we weren´t alone on that work, lot of people in the same situation so the hill towards the circuit was the most demanded place, everybody help others to push!!

When bikes started and briefing done the training started, I entered in the track not very sure but after the first lap I noticed the spikes hold the bike better than I expected… and it was really fun riding on ice!! so I must say I falled in love with that!

Mihaela was up and down taking pictures… I ride on training… until the rear fender flow out and the bracket blocked the rear wheel… we were lucky but the Di Traverso demons was so equipped and we didn´t need to go down to the van for tools… they give us all what we needed for fixing the bike and also for tunning up the carbs for that ground level (our Bastarda was setted up for Bucharest that is almost at sea level)…

Time for race!! after a pause the start line became hot, races began, we take part on the first round and we finished it with our gearbox blocked on first gear… due to the cold I think because now is ok again…. probably inappropiate oil… but doesn´t matters, I learn all we need for the next year… because for sure we will be present again, racing on ice is really something special that you must try at least once!!

At the end it was a crazy amazing day with lot of amazing people that we met and one of the best moto events we participated ever!

Thanks our dear Gary Inman and Sideburn Magazine for giving us the oportunity of being there, we love you dude!! and to Deus Ex Machina Italy for the inmaculate organization of the event!! we started to countdown for next year because…. SPIKES!!