We are a gang of bastards and bitches that love motorcycling and love custom culture, we build motorcycles, we ride motorcycles, we break motorcycles, we tell about motorcycles, we dream with motorcycles….

At Bandisca you´ll can find different bikes, we love building new styles, so don´t expect to find freaky chromed choppers with apebars at our shop, every bike we build has been provided with his own identity, we don´t love tags, for us each bike is a piece of us and of our art.


But that´s not all…. at Bandisca you´ll can find a dedicated store full of interesting thigs for riders, petrolheads and custom people, gear, accesories, clothes, art elements, pictures and more…. all from new small custom producers that work in a handcraft basis, we sustain our artists, we sustain the handcraft work, and if visit our store, you probably will spent sometime looking, tasting, smelling… and sharing a cup of cofee with us

We enjoy our life building and riding motorcycles… and sometimes we waste time doing other things.