Bandisca at SnowQuake 2017

If you find that exist some people that under -14º think about riding motorcycles probably you will say they are so crazy… Well we also travel around 2000 kms for doing that, so probably you will think we are completly insane!! After some days getting our old piece of rust Bastarda ready for racing on […]

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TRI Flat Tracker – The built

This built was a collaboration project with our greek friends of The Real Intellectuals and and this idea born after the custom motorcycles Athens show The Wheel to Build last May. Niko told me that he wanted to built a flat tracker bike for racing next year at the Dirt Quake and other EU […]

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The dark side of a motorcycles builder’s life

I’m writting this article trying to explain what you can’t see behind the motorcycles builders’ lifes, or at least behind of my own life that I think is no so far from the other builders’ lifes. I ride motorcycles sinde I was 14, my young years were full of experiences, I raced first in dirty […]

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Bandisca at The Bike Shed

Last February we had the oportunity of visit London and of course we couldn’t pass over there without visiting The Bike Shed, probably the most popular motorcycles custom culture place in EU, this is what we find there! Before our trip to London I contact Dutch for asking him if possible to meet and to […]

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About Pro Builders, Shed Builders, Shit Builders and building motorcycles.

In the last time the new custom culture in Romania is growing up so fast… that’s so good but the problem from my point of view is that is growing on a wrong way. The fashion tendences in last time show that cool people likes to ride motorcycles and our media is full of cool […]

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Bastarda after 3 years will race at The Rotten Race

Three years since when we start to build our first project “Bastarda”. After all that time the bike has been with us as “flag” of Bandisca, we love it although it’s a basic build that have a lot wrong things on it… or better said, a lot of details that nowadays we would solve otherwise, in any […]

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The Wheel to Build Motorcycle Show – Athens

We was present at The Wheel to Build Motorcycle Show, this was the first year when Greek custom scenario shows separate from the Scooter Moto Festival, the custom scene has grown a lot in the last years and they obviously needed a separate show. Organized by our dear friends of and The Real Intellectuals […]

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Saudade’s review with

Some weeks ago we have the pleasure to meet Stefan Leonte and Mihai George from the online magazine for making a review of our Saudade. That momment was also the right one for revealing the bike to its owners Luisa and Tibi, and was a crazy amazing experience! I always considered that press reviews […]

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The new Bandisca´s Speed Shop

On March 4th we opened our new store! Bandisca´s Speed Shop is a crazy space where you can find a lot of accesories, gear, clothes, artworks and other super fine shit for vintage riders, petrolheads and custom people. We focused our shop on new young handcrafters so don´t expect to find big brands there, we […]

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