TRI Flat Tracker

Our first race bike, the TRI Flat Tracker is a project built in collaboration with our Greek friends of The Real Intellectuals and, is a 100% handcrafted flat tracker bike using a Honda CB400 powerplant with a thinny fine line and a full of performance elements, this bike will be used along the 2017 by Niko from The Real Intellectuals for racing at Dirt Quake and other flat tracker european events so you will see more about it for sure, the bike was public revealed at The Rotten Race 2016 in Athens.

This bike marked a milestone in our timeline and is the proof that we can build also fine racing shit, haha!! We thank so much to our Greek friends for trusting us for building this amazing iron!



Offender is a scoundrel muscle tracker bike, was created inspired on the owner personality and is a pretty nice combination between simplicity and performance, this bike is based in a 1982 Kawasaki KZ750H with the mitic 4 in line GPz powerplant that makes it to be a powerful crazy tracker that for sure will kick some Asses by the streets of Athens where it lives now!!



Furiosa because this bike was inspired on Mad Max culture, this Honda VF750C Magna is the proof you can build a really cool bike using a powercruiser like base, or better said… the proof you can kill a fucking powercruiser and reborn a cool bike from its ashes!! The V4 powerplant gives it a plus of power and runs as hell, is the perfect bike for scaring bloodyplastics on the road !!




Anima is the spirit that is paying for his sins, but also is the perfect reflection of the imperfect human condition, we put that name to this bike because it is organic as humanlife, this Suzuki DR600 has been radically transformed into a light thinny punk bike, all on it is minimal and brute seeking the expresion of the natural human essence that invites us to go on and ride it until the end. This punk bike has no more than 110 kgs and his 600cc engine rise it to the unbeliebable but don’t worry… “Dum Anima Est Spes Est”.



Saudade is a portugese word that means “missing something”, we named this bike like that because we wanted her owner missing it when not riding it…

This Kawasaki KZ440 was given by a friend because he was moving and couldn´t take care of it, we decided to put the project on auction and inmediatly our friend Tibi Militaru bidded it, he want to give the bike to his wife and the only condition was… “please take in account that my wife has 1,50m height and 45kg wheight”, with that premise we built this tracker, is so light and fast, as always we overhauled the powerplant and added some mods to it, the paintwork has been done by our friend an collaborator CZ Customs.


The Killer

Once upon a time was a BMW R80RT that served lot of years to the Romanian Traffic Police, now we have give it a new life, after such a lot of years serving the law we decided to convert it into an infractor, a true killer, the perfect machine for ride through the city and kill some fucking hipsters or outside the city and kill some chopper riders.



The first bike for our dear wrenchman Gabi, this Honda CB750 SevenFifty was built with a lot of passion and nowadays is an insane Modern Cafe Racer, fast and light, exciting the eyes of those that pass beside it.



This Honda CB400N was transformed in a fast speed machine, a Cafe Racer?…. I don’t think so, but somepeople that says… true is that is a completly modified iron, frame, wheels, suspension, engine… everything was modified for getting a fucking crazy speed machine that starts only kicking.

La Bastarda

We found this Suzuki GSX400T in a really demential condition, frame was attacked by rust, engine needed full overhaul… but we decided to give it a new life, it was the first bike we built and we love it so much, we rebuilt all the frame bed, overhauled the engine and transform it in a brand new rat brat machine.